New Wind Record in Norway with Storm Ingunn

After rapid intensification over the Norweagian Sea, storm “Ingunn” brought very intense winds to Scandinavia. With average winds of 54.4 m/s measured at the station of Kvaløyfjellet in Sømna a new Norwegian record for average wind speed appears to have been set.

Rapid development over the Norwegian Sea

Storm “Ingunn”‘s path over the Atlantic Ocean started off the east coast of North America on 29 January 2024. Until midnight of 31 January 2024 it has moved towards the sea area south of Iceland with moderate intensification and a core pressure of 985 hPa. At that point a rapid intensification started within the jet stream band so that only 24 hours later, “Ingunn” reached the coast of Norway with a pressure below 945 hPa.

Afterwards the storm started to weaken and reached the Barents Sea in the night of 2 February 2024 with a core pressure of 955 hPa.

The satellite images show “Ingunn” on its way through the Norwegian Sea on 31 January 2024. “Ingunn” was named by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Satellite image of 31 January 2024 12 UTC (Source: EUMETSAT)

New Norwegian Record for Average Wind Speed

During the storm event in Norway, strong gales and hurricane force winds have been observed along the coast and in exposed locations. According to, Kvaløyfjellet in Sømna appears to have set a new Norwegian record for average winds with 54.4 m/s, which is well above the hurricane threshold of 32.6 m/s.

The strongest observed gusts in Scandinavia are listed in the below table.

StationMaximum wind gust in km/h
Kvaløyfjellet Sømna224
Sklinna Fyr185
Nordøyan Fyr185
Aonach Mor173
Halten Fyr169
Hekkingen Fyr164
Ona II156
Buholmrasa Fyr152
Bealach Na Ba151
Maximum instantenious wind gusts during the period of 31 January 2024 12 UTC to 1 Februar 2024 12 UTC.