Our ClaimsMaster web portal enables the interactive retrieval of damage-relevant weather data. It provides access to address-specific weather information and weather station data. This makes it possible to quickly and reliably check coverage for damage caused by storms, heavy rain, lightning/overvoltage, hail, frost/heat. ClaimsMaster can also be used to order expert opinions that provide clarity in complex weather circumstances.

Simple and intuitive use

Via ClaimsMaster, your claims handlers can intuitively and precisely access all weather data relevant to claims. We distinguish between direct weather queries and weather reports. In both cases, the loss location and day or a loss period must be entered or can be transferred directly to ClaimsMaster from the claims system.

Direct weather queries can then access weather station data or our area-wide analyses of wind, lightning, precipitation and hail. The evaluation takes place at lightning speed and the person in charge can process the case immediately.

Orders for weather expert opinion are processed by our experienced meteorologists and then emailed to the clerk.

All weather parameters relevant to claims

We offer direct queries on the following meteorological parameters and insurance-related issues:

WindWas there a storm? Was the wind force 8 Beaufort or more? How often do similar events occur?
PrecipitationWas there heavy rainfall? Was the event exceptional in a 10-year comparison?
TemperatureWas there frost or intense heat during the period?
Slippery RoadsCan the accident have been caused by slippery conditions?
HailWas there damage-relevant hail on the day of the loss? What was the size of the hailstones?
LightningWas there a direct lightning strike? Is surge damage plausible?

After entering all relevant data, the employee immediately receives a statement as to whether damage-relevant weather events are plausible. We can configure together with your department which hailstone size should be relevant or in which radius around the damage location lightning strikes must have occurred.

The information is immediately offered to the employee for download and additionally delivered by e-mail as a PDF file.

Flexible billing

ClaimsMaster is suitable both for infrequent queries, which are then billed individually, and for larger query volumes. For these, a monthly collective invoice is then created and our pricing model offers attractive volume discounts. A booking file can also be supplied to allocate the costs of the queries to the claims and insurance contracts.